It's not the silver bullet

LinkedIn Marketing is not the silver bullet BUT it is a critical component of your over-arching digital marketing strategy.

Our recommendations are simple - keep your digital marketing strategy manageable. Review the strategy often to keep it effective. Create a digital marketing plan which aligns dates, channels and content and WHO is responsible for what (that is very very important!)

The most effective digital marketing channels are:

1. BEST IN CLASS website - clearly telling your brand story and articulating your area of specialisation and expertise.

The key elements to consider when building a great website are:

  • Appearance

  • Content

  • Functionality

  • Website Usability

  • Search Engine Optimisation

2. A CLEVER LinkedIn marketing strategy - combining individual and corporate tactics.

  • For the strategy to be effective there needs to be buy-in from the whole team - Tailored LinkedIn Marketing training is the most effective way to educate an organisation on why LinkedIn marketing works and how to do it efficiently.

  • Encourage your employees to do their "LinkedIn for Breakfast" program - This 15 minute program will keep their professional brand and the corporate brand "front and centre". Business to business buyers are 57% of the way through their buying process before they contact a supplier. Your brand needs to be in their sights. (Read more here).

  • Consistently communicate on your LinkedIn company page - Organisations should be posting on their company page at least 3 times per week. Showcase your work, share expert knowledge and insights, demonstrate your corporate culture and advertise your job opportunities. (Read more here).

  • Champion a LinkedIn "subject matter expert" program - Set your experts up as industry thought leaders.

  • Consider sponsored LinkedIn marketing campaigns for high-value content - Get your content in front of the right target audience.

  • Don't forget LinkedIn is the perfect platform for attracting top talent to your organisation - What's your recruitment strategy, is LinkedIn part of the mix?

3. eNewsletter (EDM) strategy

  • Keep it personal and targeted

  • Share your stories - case studies are great. Humanise the stories and be client-centric. (Read more here)

  • Drive traffic to you website

  • Make sure you have a eNewsletter 'sign-up' page on your website

  • Don't forget your social badges

Talk to us about your LinkedIn marketing strategy. LinkedIn Marketing is what we do ALL day EVERY day. We are experts and provide tailored LinkedIn marketing solutions across all industries.

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Lucy Bingle | LinkedIn Marketing Expert