The power of LinkedIn Marketing - Case Study - AMI

This year we have written a few different blog posts to showcase our most successful campaigns and demonstrate real-life examples of the strategies guaranteed to lift the end game of your LinkedIn presence, both business and personal. So if you are keen to read about how Lucy Bingle goes about communicating your brand to the world, read on.

'In January 2017 we were honoured to be partnered with the prestigious Australian Marketing Institute (AMI). Our role was to develop and implement a LinkedIn marketing strategy for the AMI brand. We were responsible for the management of the AMI company page which included building the CEO’s profile within LinkedIn to convey thought leadership, focussing not just on the individual but this page would also serve as a vehicle to inspire the progress of professional marketers and support the AMI’s overarching purpose.

The proposed strategy included mentoring the CEO, Lee Tonitto, in the engagement of her LinkedIn page (which included recommending suggested content to share and how to build out a valuable and relevant network). The desired outcome included a mandate to reach a target of 30,000 followers on Lee’s page by June 30, 2018. This has been achieved.

The initial process began with educating the AMI’s team and Board on LinkedIn best practice. We ran a two-hour LinkedIn marketing Masterclass on how they could support the AMI LinkedIn company page activity. The exercise also included guidance on how they could successfully build and maintain their personal professional profiles.

Secondly, we established and facilitated targeted sponsored LinkedIn campaigns to run on a monthly basis with a list of suggested topics. We have included some of the topics that the AMI covered in their campaign as this may be useful in triggering some ideas for initiatives within your own company;    

  • A CPM (Certified Practising Marketer) series, with the goal of driving CPM membership. Integral to this would be the highlighted benefits of being a CPM member.

  • Professional development opportunities.

  • Events specifically aimed at the professional needs and interests of marketers.

  • Access to member-only resources on the AMI website.

  • Career advancement.

  • Networking opportunities.

Dovetailing the AMI campaign was a series of six thought leadership articles authored by the CEO, Lee Tonitto. The aim was to solidify the CEO’s position as a thought leader, a passionate content marketer and marketing profession commentator. It was important to articulate Lee’s thoughts and opinions, not just the theory or practice of marketing and to ensure she articulated sincere, opinion-led commentary on topics that matter. While Lee is a thought leader in her space, our value lies in managing the process of bringing her voice to the LinkedIn platform. We find many CEOs have rich and interesting perspectives to share but with little time or framework to make it happen.

As our clients will attest, we are constantly beating the ‘content marketing’ drum and integral to the campaign was the development of a series of topics that centred around the ‘AMI’ pillars, thereby ensuring the AMI content stays ‘on message’. Our team then conduct a number-crunching exercise on each post to efficiently measure the effectiveness and engagement of each topic.'

The results

Over the total period of Lucy Bingle’s management of the AMI company page, the engagement percentage stood at 1.45%. A fantastic outcome, given that the average LinkedIn company page engagement rate hovers at around 0.054%.

The AMI company page followers saw a steady growth over 2018 with a total increase of 4,939 followers which translates to an increase of 133% over 21.5 months .

AMI’s company page success was reflected on the CEO’s personal profile with the total number of followers hitting 30,000+. When we looked further into the analytics, engagement on some of Lee’s authored articles received almost 5,000 clicks, which is an astounding result and directly contributed to the phenomenal increase in Lee’s followers.

In closing, we hope this brief overview gives potential clients an understanding of our creative LinkedIn processes. It’s also a fantastic example of how strategically generated content can build identities and create relationships with your target audience which of course, leads to the ultimate goal of more followers, more engagement, and greater brand awareness.

‘The LinkedIn Strategy agreed with Lucy was to live our purpose by providing cutting-edge Marketing theory and practice. Our partnership with Lucy has created, and curated world-class Marketing thought leading content. The commercial benefits have exceeded our expectations.’ 
Lee Tonitto, CEO Australian Marketing Institute

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