360° digital marketing approach

There’s a fundamental shift in the role marketing is playing in business strategies. Businesses need to embrace digital marketing to succeed.

The technology landscape is constantly changing

The technology landscape has changed significantly in the last 5 years and the pace of change is fierce.

A few years ago one in five Australians had a smartphone. Everyone now has a smart phone and most people have tablets, we are swimming in devices.

The challenge and opportunity for business is how do we deliver the right digital experience to the right person at the right time. Multi-channel marketing is becoming a given and customer expectations of personalisation are rising.

Your product is marketing 24/7

Rich customer experiences are combining with the Internet to create a world where your product/service is marketing 24/7. It is no longer how you sell or what you sell that makes you stand out from the competition, it’s about how you bring the whole experience together.

Marketing is a constant

Consumers have more opportunity than ever to interact with brands. The customer experience they have is paramount. Marketing is part of a continuing relationship, we now have more opportunities than ever to meet consumers’ expectations and delight them. But be warned this also means that there is more risk of disappointment too. 

360° digital marketing approach

I am a big believer in creating digital marketing strategies that are easy to implement and easy to manage.

There is so much noise out there around digital marketing and so many channels to utilise. My recommendations to companies are as follows:

  1. Use your website – events, announcements, blogs,
  2. Communicate via your database
  3. LinkedIn Marketing – grow your network, engage with your community, be the industry thought leader.

If you can maintain these 3 marketing channels you will build brand awareness and set yourself apart from you competition. Overlay your channels with a good content marketing plan and you will have a cost and time effective digital marketing strategy. One piece of content can be used in multiple ways...

If you have a marketing department with a decent marketing budget then you may have the opportunity to explore and implement other digital marketing channels. Awesome! 

Remember though... it is super-important to be consistent – Whatever you implement, commit to it and deliver!