Create conversations and engagement - Content Marketing Plan

To have an effective digital marketing strategy, you need to have a content marketing plan.

Consistent content marketing builds brand awareness and creates business opportunities.

Ideally, your content marketing plan will have themes set for the next 6 – 12 months, ensuring that you are ahead of the game when sourcing & crafting articles on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. To keep the content fresh it is essential that you regularly review the plan so that it remains topical and on-trend. Your plan will have dates of delivery and clearly articulates how often you post, what you post, where you post and who posts. 

To take advantage of search engine optimisation (SEO) it is critical that you are posting content that search engines will rank. To be ranked you need to use appropriate keywords, links to your business website and links to your regular blog. SEO is also determined by the level of engagement– the more engagement your content receives, the better it will rank.

Factors to consider when creating your content marketing plan:

Variety is the spice of life!

Variety and intelligence is the key to attracting and retaining your followers. Mix up your content with images, video, blog posts, articles, insights and announcements.

Resonate with your target audience

Content that is authentic, intelligent and resonates with your target audience will be shared and engaged with. Don’t consistently self-promote, people will “turn you off”. Share industry insights and articles that engage your audience and add value. Be informative, inspiring and collaborative. Showcase your employees’ achievements, demonstrating your company’s values and ethos. By consistently sharing quality information you will build a stronger following.

Time is of the essence

The timing and frequency of your posts is critical. Take time to assess and understand who your audience is and consider carefully the times you post to get the most visibility and engagement.

Below are some simple rules to follow:

  1. Post consistently
  2. ONE POST per day is suffice per social platform.
  • Twitter – working hours – Tweets should have hashtags to ensure higher level of engagement
  • Pinterest – evenings & weekends
  • Instagram – peak hours (on commute) and evenings
  • Facebook – peak hours (on commute) and between 1pm – 4pm
  • Blog post – Monday to Thursday, 8am - 1pm in your local time zone (or in the time-zone where the bulk of your clients are).
  • LinkedIn – every day (if quality content), within working hours

LinkedIn content marketing Tips:

Include some intelligence

If you are ‘sharing’ content on LinkedIn, whether it be insights, articles or infographics ensure that you add some commentary to highlight ‘why’ you are sharing this information. This intelligent commentary validates what you do and why you should be regarded as a trusted advisor in your field. Remember to tag the author and organisation who owns the content, this demonstrates your collaborative nature.

Don’t forget your “call to action”

When crafting your LinkedIn Pulse articles and blog posts, it is essential that you include your “call to action” – your website URL, your contact details or an embedded corporate video which articulates clearly the problems you solve. You want to drive your followers to your business.

Conversations work both ways

If you instigate conversation on your posts whether it be by asking questions or requesting feedback, it is important to remember to respond. Don’t forget the premise of these platforms – they are SOCIAL. It is all about interaction and engagement. Once you have the ear of a follower you need to mobilise. Thank people for their opinions and consider continuing the conversation offline, hopefully converting that social lead into a happy customer.

Having a content marketing plan, sets a rhythm for an organisation. It is a great marketing tool for any business. People work more effectively when they understand what and when they are expected to deliver content. Setting themes in advance, makes sourcing and crafting content more manageable. It is important that on a monthly basis you review the analytics of your posts and assess whether the content you are providing is resonating with your audience. Tweak your content accordingly, deliver more of what works and less of what doesn’t.


Lucy Bingle has 20 years marketing experience and is a LinkedIn Marketing Expert. She is passionate about helping companies succeed in amplifying their brand, reaching their target audience and growing their business. Our services include digital strategy session, LinkedIn Marketing Training and LinkedIn Marketing Management.

Lucy works with clients 1:1 on their LinkedIn marketing strategies.
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