How to Build your online Professional Brand

1. Define your brand - your USP (unique selling point)

What are your strengths, your values, your passions. This is critical as it gives your brand personality and also showcases why a prospective employer would hire you.

2. Create and / or update your LinkedIn profile

You have to be on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the worlds largest online professional community. LinkedIn is more than just an online CV. You do not simply copy/paste your resume. It is a vibrant, dynamic community which can be used well can be your personal microsite. The summary should be  written in the first person. Do not forget to request recommendations from former colleagues and employers.

3. Build a quality network on LinkedIn

It is important to build a quality network of professionals:

  • People who know you
  • People who see you as an Industry Expert who would not hesitate to recommend you.

You need to nurture your network and that starts with a personalised invitation.

4. Be visible in your network

A LinkedIn profile alone is not enough to build your personal brand. You need to be visible in your network. You need to be recognised as an expert. You can achieve this through thought leadership by sharing or publishing quality content, providing commentary and also participating in industry groups.

Start building your Personal Brand on LinkedIn by:

  1. Building long-lasting quality relationships 
  2. Being a visible Industry Expert

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Sharing quality content increases your visibility and credibility, positions you as an expert & creates conversations & potentially new business leads.