Holiday season is coming... Don't turn your LinkedIn Marketing OFF!

It is easy to make the assumption that because the festive season is upon us and many companies close over this period, you should stop your LinkedIn marketing efforts. THIS IS WRONG.

WHO TURNS THEIR BRAND OFF? Crazy idea. LinkedIn Marketing is NOT SEASONAL.

The holiday period is the perfect time to build brand awareness and engage with your network.

  1. People do serious naval-gazing in the holiday period - they think about life and meaning AND what makes them happy.  People have the time to consider their next career move, job opportunities or organisations they would like to work for. You can be rest assured they will doresearch on LinkedIn and look for opportunities.
  2. Business owners and C-Suite executives will be thinking about their 2016 strategy (have no doubt, even if they are lying on a beach they will be thinking). They will be looking at ways to run their business units more efficiently and effectively in 2016. LinkedIn is optimised for mobile and iPad - Executives have quick access to service providers - You want your brand to be "front and centre". Make sure you amplify your brand over the holiday period.
  3. All Professionals have the time to research, read and review over the holiday period. Pulse is the perfect platform to be educating your target audience about your services and products - Give your advice freely, share your knowledge.

LinkedIn Marketing is CONSISTENTLY:

  • building your brand
  • strategically growing your network
  • demonstrating your expertise
  • sharing industry insights
  • posting informative and engaging articles
  • advertising job opportunities
  • showcasing your employee value proposition (EVP) 
  • demonstrating your corporate social responsibility (CSR)

LinkedIn Marketing is NOT SEASONAL. You want your brand to beTHE FIRST and THE BEST when senior executives crazily start to think about work whilst lying on their pool lilo or sipping their piña coladas.