Digital Marketing is NOT a "SET IT & FORGET IT" strategy.

It doesn't have to be complicated. In fact the simpler the better.

I know that if a company has a digital strategy that they understand AND that they can implement and commit to, the strategy will beSUCCESSFUL.

Here are some FIRST STEPS to get your digital strategy cranking.

1. Sort your website out - How's it LOOKING?

  • Is your website helpful?

  • Is it easy to navigate?

  • Does it look and feel fresh and modern?

  • Is it optimised for mobile viewing? - you will lose business if it isn't - Sort that out ASAP.

 If you have ANALYTICS use it. If you don’t have it then install it. Google Analytics is free.

✰✰ LOOK INTO how long people are spending on your site, what pages that are visiting? Is there a certain page on your website that people spend longer on than most? Is there a way you could engage that group of people to take some form of action; sign up to a newslettershare this information on social media,provide an offer? ✰✰

2. Time to get SOCIAL - Get your head out of the sand, Social Media is not going away...

Include social media "share" & "follow us" buttons on your website.This gives your visitors the ability to FOLLOW your LinkedIn Company Page(Must Have!) or share your website with their network. Make sure you add thesocial media "share" buttons to your blog posts, again allowing visitors toshare content which really engages them.

Also, make an effort to interact with your target audience on social media and encourage conversation and sharing of your content. LinkedIn is a perfect platform for this - it is professional, you have a story, you have a network. DEMONSTRATE YOUR EXPERTISE. Read more about how to engage with your community here.

3. Communicate with your VALUABLE DATABASE

You have a database of current clients, prospect clients & LinkedIn connections. There really is NO EXCUSE FOR NOT KEEPING IN TOUCH with these people. Set a content marketing calendar and send out a MONTHLY OR QUARTERLY eNewsletter. Slice & Dice your content - MIX IT UP and make it interesting (images / videos / text) . Learn more about content marketing here. 

These are just the first steps to get you heading in the right direction. Honestly, if you can start with the above, you are on your way :-)  It is all about building brand awareness, connecting with your target audience and cutting through a very noisy marketplace. GOOD LUCK.