I am often asked in my training sessions, "Seriously!... Do we really need a Company Page?" In short, the answer is YES! Your business needs a LinkedIn Company Page.

 It doesn't matter the industry you are in - a Company Page is a great hub for your business. Consider it a micro-site, an extension of your company website, that can be used as an effective marketing channel where you demonstrate your deep expertise and area of specialisation. LinkedIn Company Pages are the same for everyone, this means it is a level playing field (start-ups, SME’s, large corporates). It is your responsibility to make it dynamic, vibrant and engaging.

LinkedIn drives people who click on your company name or logo to the associated Company Page. When users are searching for you, they can find you  via the employee search list or a related hashtag. It also makes your company more "discoverable" as you will be found in the LinkedIn search box, as well as on Google and other search engines.


The key to a successful company page is to make it vibrant, dynamic and customer-centric. 


It is easy to get caught up selling your 'wares'- I mean that is what your business is all about but remember it is also about the audiences you serve, the problems you solve and the value you provide. This is the most effective way to build an authentic and engaged community. 

 So, where do you start? Here are three essential building blocks to ensure your Company Page has the right foundation for success. 



 You need to ensure you have an optimised Company Page. Create a great banner for your Company Page, one that reflects your company culture and brand – make sure it pops

Quick tip: use the sizing guide - it makes a difference!

 Complete the overview section and ensure the wording is customer-centric. Articulate clearly what you will deliver for your clients. 

 Quick tip: To create interest, use capitalisation and symbols to format as LinkedIn has no other formatting tools.

 Make sure any information you share on your Company Page reflects your mission, values and culture – It is effectively a microsite of your business, a "running log" of your activity.

 Quick tip: It should go without saying but don't forget to include your call-to-action – website, email address, phone numbers.



Failing to plan is planning to fail. So, take the time to plan what information you will share. Make sure you mix it up and make it interesting. 

 Quick tip: Gather your team and brainstorm ideas: Industry insights & knowledge, Events (hyperlink to your website), Job opportunities (hyperlink to the Ad), Corporate videos, Expert whitepapers.

Once you know what content you have available to publish, create a content calendar and map out what you will say and when but always leave room for spontaneous posts and third-party content/news.

 Quick tip: If you are a LARGE organisation have more than one department or specific service, create "showcase pages" highlighting individual departments or service offerings and link these back. 

 While you are in planning and preparation mode, share the overarching strategy with your employees. Organise a LinkedIn Masterclass (with me)! This is for several reasons: your employee's profile pages need to be optimised and ‘best in class’ reflecting the corporate brand and will link to your Company Page, again driving traffic to your Company Page and hopefully onto your website.

 Quick tip: Employees who feel part of the process feel more confident when asked to contribute to outcomes.

 That last tip leads us to the final reason; if you educate your employees (your advocates) about the LinkedIn Company Page, you can leverage their networks when they like or share content from the Company Page. This immediately extends the reach of your brand.

 Quick tip: If you have the budget to spend on LinkedIn ads, you can place "sponsored posts" that originate from your company page in front of your ideal prospects. This can help with increasing your followers, direct clients to your website or have a specific call-to-action.  



 LinkedIn Marketing is all about consistency… don't set and forget… You need to post regularly to keep your community engaged. It isn't just about sharing content - you need to comment, like and engage in meaningful conversations on the platform. It is all about getting rhythm into your marketing.

 Set up regular times to review the content strategy and measure what is resonating with your audience. A marketing strategy will always be a never-ending work in progress. 



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