Seriously... Do We Need A Company Page?

YES your business DOES NEED a LinkedIn company page.

A Company Page is a great HUB for your business. It is an effective marketing opportunity where you can demonstrate your deep expertise and area of specialisation. The beauty of LinkedIn Company Pages is that they are the same for everyone. This means it is a level playing field, it is up you to make it DYNAMIC, VIBRANT AND ENGAGING.

LinkedIn Company Pages are effectively an extension of your company website.

LinkedIn automatically drives people who click on your company name or logo to the attached Company Page. It also makes your company more“discoverable” as you will be found in the LinkedIn search box and on Google and other search engines.

** The KEY is to MAKE YOUR Company Page CLIENT-CENTRIC. It is all about the audiences you serve, the problems you solve and the value you provide. **

Quick Tips:

  • Create a great banner for your Company Page, one that reflects your company culture and brand – MAKE SURE IT POPS (use the sizing guide - it makes a difference!)
  • Complete the Overview and ensure it is CLIENT-CENTRIC. Articulate clearly what you will deliver for your clients. Use CAPS and WINGDINGS to format as LinkedIn has no other formatting tools.
  • Include your Call-To-Action – website, email address, phone numbers

Any information you share on your Company Page STAYS with your Company Page – It is effectively a microsite of your business, a “running log” of your activity.


** MIX IT UP - Make it interesting **

  • Industry insights & knowledge
  • Events (hyperlink to your website)
  • Job opportunities (hyperlink to the Ad)
  • Corporate videos
  • Expert whitepapers.
  • Create “showcase pages” highlighting certain departments or service offerings

Your employees profile pages will link to your Company Page, again DRIVING TRAFFIC to your Company Page and hopefully onto your website.

Quick Tips:

  • Make sure you educate your employees (your advocates) about the LinkedIn Company Page. To really get benefit from your company page, you need your employees (your FANS) to like and share your Company Page updates – This immediately EXTENDS the reach of your brand.
  • LinkedIn Marketing is all about CONSISTENCY… DON’T SET AND FORGET… You need to post regularly to keep your community engaged

LinkedIn Company Page - Sponsored updates

Another benefit of having a LinkedIn Company Page is the ability to create “sponsored posts” through LinkedIn’s TARGETED advertising platform.

If you have the budget to spend on LinkedIn ads, you can place “sponsored posts” that originate from your company page in front of your ideal prospects.