Ask yourself one question...

Lead generation is critical to building a successful business. Everyone within your company has a role to play with generating leads, especially on LinkedIn. If you have a quality network and your organisation engages in effective LinkedIn marketing, everyone can help create business opportunities. As part of fostering these connections, you should be empowering your team to advocate for the business and make strategic connections on LinkedIn.

If you aren't sure where to start, we have some simple ways to grow your network and generate prospects on the LinkedIn platform.


One of the most common questions I get is, "Should I connect with anyone on LinkedIn?"

My response is simple, "Ask yourself one question. Is there a possible business opportunity generated by this connection?"

If you can honestly answer YES, then connect. This contact may be either the direct prospect or the conduit to making an opportunity happen. The vital thing is that you paused and thought before sending a connection request.

You might be surprised how little thought and time is invested in this powerful process, but your LinkedIn network should be an evolving pool of quality connections. Nurture your network by strategically connecting with the right people and actively engaging with them.

Start by connecting to the following: colleagues, past and current clients, mentors and alumni. The next step is to start doing some targeted prospecting. LinkedIn has a powerful advanced search functionality. Take the time to use it; you will find plenty of quality prospects.

When you do reach out, take the time to craft a personalised, succinct, and informative message explaining why you would like to connect. We know that people respond positively to these simple tips. I can also assure you that you and your brand will "stick" in their mind, given that you have provided more information.


To ensure you stand out, you need to be authentic. Just as a business has a strategic plan, you too are going to strategically but authentically connect with a targeted group of people, be warm and honest, articulating the challenges you solve. You are going to add value to their LinkedIn experience by sharing interesting insights, articles and information, and lastly, you are going to engage with your network's activity - liking, sharing and commenting professionally.

Finally, take the time to review your connection list regularly. Every quarter export your list and go through it. Assess who has moved companies or been promoted. Touch base with clients and reach out to prospects, look for any new opportunities.

When you take the time to research your ideal client, strategically connect and then actively engage with your network, it is a recipe for success.