So what is LINKEDIN MARKETING… AND Why do I have to do it?

Digital disruption has completely changed the sales and marketing landscape.

Clients and prospects know what they want and why. When prospects have questions, they search for answers online instead of relying on information from a salesperson.

Sales and marketing must align themselves to reach their target market.

How? I hear you ask… Well, that’s where LinkedIn Marketing comes into play.

Today’s world is digital, organisations build and maintain relationships across multiple channels.  Your prospects and clients are technically savvy, they now source knowledge online before engaging with sales teams. Therefore, it’s essential organisations have a clear digital marketing and LinkedIn strategy which enables ongoing communications, ensuring your brand stands out from the crowd. Organisations need to be client-centric and articulate clearly what challenges they solve. 


  1. Know your digital marketing strategy – Put the customer at the heart of your business. I am a big believer in the 360° digital marketing strategy – leveraging your CRM for EDM’s, website blog and LinkedIn Marketing. If you can get these channels working well with a consistent rhythm, you will be ahead of the game.  Organisations need to have the right people, right skills and the right tools to ensure that they meet the key objectives.  To stand out in a crowded marketplace and differentiate yourself from your competition it is vital that you provide great content and lots of touchpoints. Individuals need to know what channels they have access to and how to leverage them properly. You need to add value and provide a great customer experience. The benefits to business are clear; brand awareness, lead generation and more opportunities.
  2. Share your advice and knowledge freely, clearly demonstrating your area of expertise. Be engaging and helpful. Focus your efforts on consistently showcasing that you’re a subject matter expert and the go-to-firm for solutions. 

    The more relevant content you create, share and comment on, the more you cement yourself and your organisation as market leaders. Target your key decision makers, share case studies and stories that really highlight your understanding of their issues, show how your solutions work. Be outcome focused.
  3. Be responsive, monitor your channels and engage in conversations when they arise. The more articulate, knowledgeable and authentic you are online, the more approachable you will be perceived. This will also build brand trust and integrity (critical in this climate). Analyse the content that you share, and see what resonates with your audience. The more you learn about your audience and what engages them, the more you can personalise.  High level engagement with your network is critical to building your personal professional brand and the corporate brand.

If you can integrate desk-level LinkedIn marketing into your week, you will quickly grow a valuable network providing you the opportunity to consistently demonstrate your ability and knowledge. As I said from the outset, we know your prospects are doing their research well before picking up the phone to talk to a salesperson. So, make sure you are the one they call… 

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