So, you need to learn to drive again.

LinkedIn’s had a face-lift and it looks great but now you are completely lost. You are not alone, many professionals are scratching their heads asking where did everything go? 

The good news is that I am here to help. Here’s a quick driving lesson on how to navigate the new LinkedIn interface – You’ll be on your “P’s” before you know it!

The new LinkedIn desktop platform is clean and easy to navigate. Yes we have lost some features to Sales Navigator but we have also gained a few. And there are always work-arounds which I am going to share with you now. Don't lose your mojo LinkedIn Marketing is a critical component of your digital marketing strategy. 

So first and foremost, LinkedIn is still the largest global professional online database and we still have access to people, companies and content. The Advanced and Saved Search features have moved into Sales Navigator (bummer). However there is a work-around - Boolean searches work within your search bar on the new LinkedIn Interface. You can create specific search strings, finding the right executives, buyers and key decision makers. There are still some filters including geographic location and industry which can help drill down to a targeted list of prospects.

It is one thing to find a list of prospects but to really leverage the platform you need to reach out and connect with these people.

A new powerful feature is the ability to include a hyperlink within your connection request. So not only should you personalise and tailor your connection request but you can now include content (capability statements, case studies and corporate video links) and drive your connection to your website. This will position you more expertly and improve your chance of acceptance.

Remember whilst you are looking at people; People are also looking at you and your team! Now is the time to review your LinkedIn profiles and make sure that they are optimised and standardised across your organisation. Headlines are ‘front & centre’ - make sure yours clearly articulates who you are, what you do and how you help. Add an engaging banner that is high quality. Make sure that the imagery is rolled out across the organisation so that there is uniformity across the group. Your brand needs to shine.

Your summary section is still the most important part of the profile – make sure it is compelling and includes a ‘call to action’ so that people can quickly and easily get in touch. Brand messaging and solutions are vital in your summary section – you need to be the difference! Add rich media files to your summary section to enhance the visitor experience. Videos, case studies, capability statements which will increase credibility and demonstrate expertise.

Your company page is your microsite – it should be dynamic and engaging – demonstrating your expertise, showcasing your projects, sharing industry insights and celebrating your company culture. Make sure your team engage with the company page this is integral to creating the multiplier effect – getting your brand in front of the right audience.

There is so much you can do on LinkedIn. It is a business critical tool for lead generation, social selling and brand positioning. Make sure you are doing effective LinkedIn marketing – if you need help getting started, give us a shout – We are the experts and here to help.