When I talk to my clients about content marketing, I see them visibly retreat. It can seem like a lot of ‘hard work’ on top of an already busy day, especially if the company doesn’t have the resources or the time.

I am all about making things easier.

Once you have set some themes and created a content calendar. Be smart, create your piece of content and then slice and dice it into different formats.

These pieces of content can then be used for your website, LinkedIn marketing, EDM’s and on other digital platforms.

So let’s slice and dice it.

1.       Post your content on your blog

2.       Re-work the content for an article and publish on Pulse

3.       Create a PDF document – make sure it looks great – make it downloadable from your website

4.       Create a deck of slides – “short, sharp, punchy points” from your content– upload to your LinkedIn profile and/or Company Page via SlideShare

5.       Turn your “short, sharp, punchy points” into a Infographic – Post it on your company page

6.       Use the infographic as a status update on your LinkedIn page

7.       If it is super high-value content, why not create a video.

So, as you can see 1 x piece of content can be sliced and diced in many different ways.