Remind Me... Why Are We Here?

Why are you on LinkedIn?

Well... To be honest most of you created a profile long ago and have probably never changed it.  However, you jump on LinkedIn to have a look at what people are up to, source some talent for your business, look for job opportunities or spend some time reading articles and posts.


  • You are in SALES so you spend time prospecting for leads.
  • You are in RECRUITMENT so you are on the hunt for talent or clients.
  • You are in START-UP MODE so you are DOING ALL OF THE ABOVE.

What about using LinkedIn for MARKETING?

I am often challenged by potential clients that LinkedIn Marketing doesn't work. They have tried publishing a couple of articles, posted some status updates, however, their efforts didn't amount to any leads.

I'd like to spend a few moments convincing you to LOOK at LinkedIn Marketing in a different way...

Linkedin Marketing IS NOT a quick sales conversion. 

LinkedIn Marketing IS ABOUT:

  • CONSISTENTLY demonstrating your deep expertise and industry knowledge within your chosen sector. SNAP!
  • BUILDING BRAND AWARENESS by consistently engaging with your network.
  • Being ACTIVE. Making sure you are "FRONT AND CENTRE" of your network's mind when they go to make a financial spend.

It is much easier to SELL your "wares" when you have already spent time and effort marketing your business in an inobtrusive way on LinkedIn.

  1. DEMONSTRATE your expertise - have an ACTIVE & VIBRANTcompany page 
  2. GIVE freely your expert advice.
  3. SHARE valuable knowledge

Read more about fine-tuning your Company LinkedIn profile here.

The GOOD NEWS is that LinkedIn Marketing works across multiple industries - if your target market is sitting on Linkedin then the opportunity is there.
- Luxury Goods - Creative Agencies - Industrials - Wine - Lawyers - Retail - Commerical Property - Recruitment - Wealth Advisors - Investments - Financial Services - IP - Copywriters - Real Estate - Mentors/Coaching - Stylists -  Education - Professional Services ... The list goes on ...