To the seasoned LinkedIn user, these tips may be obvious... However, there are many LinkedIn users who are at the start of their professional social journey. 

Here are some quick and simple practices which will grow their network and build brand awareness.

  1. Post a quality article/insights/video on your Status Update (Profile Home Page)

    It is important that whatever you post is relevant to you or your industry. The article, white paper or video must be credible. Read more about Video Marketing here.
    Remember: what you share on LinkedIn reflects you and your company brand.

  2. Share your blog posts with your network

    Every time you publish a blog post on your website, share it with your LinkedIn network. Always include some teaser’ text.

  3. Share someone else’s update and give them credit

    If you come across an interesting and relevant article in your news feed (profile home page), share it with your network and tag the Author. This not only shares the content with your network it also exposes you to the tagged contact’s network.

    (How to tag: enter the first letters of the person’s name and then select them in the drop down menu).

  4. Comment on someone else’s update

    As you scroll through your news feed, make a few comments on your networks' updates. A comment has more value than a ‘like’, because your picture will be feature next to your comment. This may 'spark' interest in your connection’s network and someone may reach out for your services.

  5. Engage in a LinkedIn Group Discussion

    Engagement in LinkedIn Groups is another great way to increase visibility of your profile and build your brand. An easy way to manage your group subscriptions is to receive weekly (not daily) group digest emails. Once a week scroll through the discussions on the email and decide which discussions (if any) are relevant to you and then add intelligent commentary.

  6. LinkedIn Groups - Start a discussion or share an article

    LinkedIn Groups are really valuable (if used well) - they are a great way to stay connected with your industry, follow your competition and prospect for potential clients. To grow your network and build brand awareness you can share insights or start a relevant discussion within the Group. DON’T use the Group environment to spam your members with your sales pitch - You will be blocked by the Group Manager.