5 reasons why I’m not opening your InMail

1. You are not offering me a reason to engage

Recruiters are still fairly successful with InMails. Why? Because they offer people something very valuable, a new job! So in your InMail are you offering me something or are you asking for something?

2. No one wants Spam !

Don't use it like an opportunity to spam people. Make sure your inmail is targeted and relevant to the recipient. 

3. I don’t know you!

92% of users delete messages from people they don’t know.  I’m one of them. If I don’t know the sender and maybe on top of that the title of the message sounds slightly salesy I will immediately delete the message. Coldcalling via LinkedIn doesn’t work. You need to first build a relationship with your potential customer, share interesting info with them, engage, share their content etc. It’s called Social Selling.

4. Don't ‘Dear Madam’ me!

Ok, your message title was interesting enough that I opened your message. But then you spoil it with ‘Dear Madam’ or worse ‘Dear LinkedIn user’. What does this tell me? It tells me that you are not even taking 2 seconds to personalize the message that I now know that you’re sending out to hundreds of other people.Delete !

5. You are selling me the wrong product or service

Take the time to do some research about the person you’re messaging: check out their LinkedIn profile. I do my research when I make a buying decision, please do yours when sending me your InMails !

Businesses are looking for ways to sell their products and services. I get that. Todays buyer is smart. They don’t want to be sold to! When they have a need, they will do their research and then reach out to the companies they know who might be able to help them. 60% of the buying decision is already made when they contact you.

So instead of wasting your InMails, invest in building relationships with your potential buyers first. Or if you want to use InMails, make sure your content is relevant to my business and needs!