Get the whole team onboard!

It is time for all organisations to harness the power of employee advocacy on LinkedIn. It is time to develop and implement clever employee advocacy strategies which enable employees to shine and brands to grow.

Employee Advocacy is about allowing your employees to grow their professional brand. Empowering them to participate in desk-level content marketing. Giving your employees the tools to discover, share and measure the impact great content has on their networks.

Employees often have extensive networks of followers, and connections. This group of people can be engaged with and influenced by sharing knowledge and insights. Who better to promote the organisations services and products than your in-house subject matter experts. Employee advocacy is "word of mouth" marketing brought to the digital age.

Companies are recognising that employees have the power and ability to generatepositive and valuable conversations which humanises the brand. There is a move away from social media compliance to empowering and enabling employees to continue the conversations on LinkedIn.

Employee advocacy is the next social media mega trend.Companies need to manage and support a LinkedIn Marketing strategy which directly influences the employee advocacy strategy. It is essential that employees are trained on LinkedIn Marketing so that they understand the Why? and How?. Why should they do LinkedIn Marketing? and How do they do LinkedIn Marketing? 

If you get the whole team onboard with LinkedIn Marketing the employees shine and the brand grows.

Employee advocacy is good for business.