It’s about the MULTIPLIER effect

LinkedIn marketing is all about building brand awareness and creating opportunities which fundamentally means winning new business

Before you develop and implement a LinkedIn marketing strategy, pause and remember why people are using LinkedIn. People are spending valuable time every day, doing the following things:

  1. research
  2. networking
  3. job hunting
  4. sourcing talent

Given that there are 500+ million users on LinkedIn (100 million users in APAC), it is important that organisations consistently market themselves effectively on LinkedIn. B2B buyers are 57% through their buying process before first contact with a supplier, so you need to make sure you're in their sights.

LinkedIn Marketing is NOT the silver bullet but it is an integral part of your overarching digital marketing strategy - so don't ignore the opportunity.

To achieve maximum effect and create the "multiplier effect" your brand needs the whole team on-board. With an integrated approach (employee desk-level marketing & corporate led marketing) you will grow your LinkedIn network (followers), engage with your community, amplify your brand and demonstrate your EVP (employee value proposition). Everybody needs to understand the LinkedIn strategy as employee buy-in is crucial to the success of the strategy.

First steps to success:

  1. Standardise and optimise your employee profiles
  2. Set up and drive a dynamic and vibrant company page reflecting your expertise, area of specialisation, employee value proposition (EVP) and company culture - Let clients and prospects know why they want to work WITH you and let talent know why they want to work FOR you!
  3. Train your staff on the 'nuts and bolts' of how to do LinkedIn marketing - This is critical, without the teams buy-in the strategy will fail. Employees need to understand the "multiplier effect" and how it extends the reach of both their personal professional brand and the corporate brand. Employees need to strategically grow their network, follow and engage with the company page and also do desk-level LinkedIn marketing (3-5 times per week)
  4. Review your LinkedIn Marketing strategy regularly
    • Champion those within the organisation that are doing desk-level LinkedIn marketing well
    • Track your company page - make sure your content is resonating with your audience
    • Sponsor high-value content and ensure it is getting into the feeds of the right target audience
    • Celebrate and recognise recent wins / new hires / events on LinkedIn


Lucy Bingle has 20 years marketing experience and is a LinkedIn Marketing Expert. She is passionate about helping companies succeed in amplifying their brand, reaching their target audience and growing their business. Our services include digital strategy session, LinkedIn marketing training and LinkedIn marketing managementLucy has presented globally at many sales and marketing conferences  - sharing insights and case studies, educating organisations on the power of consistently demonstrating expertise on LinkedIn.