It IS time to publish on LinkedIn Pulse… But FIRST a few TIPS…

So you want to build brand awareness on LinkedIn? Publishing on Pulse might be your answer. Pulse is a great way to increase brand visibility and promote your company to a professional audience.

Here are some tips to help set you up for success.

Be CLIENT-CENTRIC - Understand Your Audience

Remember you are demonstrating your deep expertise, your specialisation. Content created for professionals on LinkedIn should be specific and targeted, solving problems and providing advice. You are trying to appeal to experienced business professionals who are looking for business advice and industry insights, so your content should be constructed accordingly. Remember Pulse is a professional network platform, so don’t be too colloquial and casual.

INSTIGATE ENGAGEMENT with quality content

If you want to create content that starts conversations and increases engagement make your content high quality. Most articles on Pulse are between 700 -1000 words. Expert writing is long on quality and provides real insights and advice.

Be clever with your title and with your choice of image – They both need to be engaging. You’re marketing to professionals, so give them a reason to read your content.


You provide a service or product this goes without saying. However Pulse is not the place to pitch. Pulse is the place to showcase that you’re a Subject Matter Expert (SME). Be broad on your range of topics, demonstrate the breadth of your expertise. Write about a range of issues that affect your clients’ even if it outside your solution suite. This truly demonstrates that you are an industry expert, who has valuable knowledge and advice to share

CALL to Action

Don’t forget to include a little blurb at the end – drive your audience to your website or Company Page. Make it easy for them to FOLLOW YOU.

TIMING is everything

When is it best to publish that beautifully crafted and insightful article? I would recommend posting during the middle of the week from Tuesday to Thursday. Make sure you monitor your stats and see when engagement is at its peak. You can view your Stats via your profile page.

CHOSE your tags WISELY

Don’t forget to tag your article. You can chose the keywords that represent your article best – chose them wisely as they help determine what target audience will see your beautifully crafted and insightful article.


Proofread, edit, proofread, edit and proofread again.