How to do effective content marketing

I often get asked how to do effective content marketing in my LinkedIn Marketing Workshops

The two words I want you to take away from this post are:

If your content is interesting, informative or entertaining, people will be happy to share it with their contacts, which in turns puts your brand in front of new potential customers and clients.

Before you jump in - Make sure your content marketing efforts aren’t being held back by fundamental issues. Your ROI (return on investment) can be negative if the content you create or share doesn’t attract attention or is low-value content. 

You only want to associate your brand with HIGH VALUE CONTENT.

1) Focus on Quality First

High quality posts will get significantly more shares on social media. They will get the attention of other industry stakeholders, and will position you as a thought leader and expert. People will gravitate to your brand, follow you, and refer providers of quality knowledge to you. 

2) Topics Your Customers and Clients Care About

When starting out with content marketing, many companies take an internally-focused perspective. They think, “How can we get more details out about our products and services via social media” This is the WRONG WAY to think about it.

To add REAL VALUE and to have success with content marketing, you need to start by putting yourself in the shoes of your customers and clients. Think about their questions, concerns and “information gaps” that you can address on LinkedIn.

3) Think about Variety

Creativity and variety will help you stand out more in your industry.
Think about using a variety of media (images, infographics, checklists, video, URL’s), in addition to written content like articles and white papers.

4) Build a Social Foundation

Social media is a perfect complement to content marketing. Content is the fuel that keeps the social media “engine” humming as people share and re-share content they’ve discovered or that someone else shared with them.

By building up your connections on LinkedIn, you’ll be laying the groundwork for potential sharing of your content. In addition, engaging and sharing other people’s content before you have something to share is another critical part of getting your social foundation built.

5) Monitor the Reactions Online

In addition to seeing the numbers of shares in social media, it’s important to see what people are saying about it. This will give you a real sense of how it is received and whether it is regarded as interesting or HIGH VALUE.

6) Engage With People Who Share and Comment

Monitor mentions and shares, engaging with people who responded to the content can be a very powerful way to spread your reach and to connect with potential clients or industry stakeholders. Tag authors of content or alternatively Tag people you think would benefit from reading a particular post (the tagged person then gets a notification).

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