There are a few simple things you can do to really STAND OUT from the crowd on LinkedIn.

Let me share some QUICK TIPS to give your profile the edge:

Add a background image to your profile - Simple yet effective. 

Adds colour, energy and interest to your profile page. Make sure you use the size guidelines - This ensures the image fits and looks good. 

Add Rich Media Files to your Summary

One of the most under-utilised features on LinkedIn is the ability to add rich media content to your profile. Rich content is essentially samples of your work and what you do, either through links to content or websites, or through uploaded files, like PDFs, videos or presentations

Adding relevant links and content adds a whole new element to your LinkedIn profile. This is an opportunity to showcase your work and demonstrate your expertise.

Slice & Dice Your Content

Have your blog posts appear on your website, Pulse Publisher, EDM's and more. Once you publish on Pulse, your articles stick with your profile - Again, demonstrating your area of expertise.

Other tips on how you can optimise your LinkedIn Profile can be found here.

These are just a few tips on how to make your profile shine.

Review your LinkedIn profile today - make the above changes and you will be ahead of the pack!