If you don't have the resources or time to manage your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy... We can help you. 

corporate training:

Our LinkedIn Marketing Training sessions are tailored to the needs of your company and industry. If you get the whole team onboard with LinkedIn Marketing the employees shine and the brand grows.

The Agenda will include the following;

  • 360° digital marketing approach

  • Building your network

  • Best practice engagement - Social selling

  • Prospecting techniques - Lead generation

  • Subject Matter Expert & Thought leadership

  • Community engagement

  • Content marketing

  • Sponsored marketing campaigns (LinkedIn advertising)

linkedin COMPANY PAGE management:

Let us do the heavy lifting & manage your LinkedIn marketing for you. We are passionate about being your digital marketing partner. We not only manage your LinkedIn Marketing strategy, we provide on-going expert advice on all things digital. We ensure that your brand is being positioned in the best possible way across all marketing channels.

  • Consistently build brand awareness with best-in-class engagement techniques

  • Create a dynamic and vibrant LinkedIn Company Page

  • Ongoing engagement with your audience - sharing relevant and interesting content

  • Build your following to activate lead generation

  • Crunch the numbers - work on strategies to keep your community engaged

linkedin strategy session:

This is a collaborative session reviewing your digital marketing channels and making sure you are ahead of the game when it comes to LinkedIn marketing. We will look for new opportunities to extend brand reach and create opportunities.

  • Review over-arching digital & LinkedIn marketing strategy

  • Review marketing tactics being used and provide advice on improvements and/or new strategies to be implemented.

  • LinkedIn publishing platform

  • Sponsored campaigns

  • Talent sourcing

  • Content cross promotion


8-week program including a 2-hour strategy session:
This product was developed for startups and SME's. We basically kick-start your LinkedIn Marketing and set you up for success. We dedicate a researcher to your account, creating your LinkedIn company page and managing your content marketing for 8 weeks.

We will keep it vibrant and dynamic.

A digital marketing strategy session is included where we educate you on 360° digital marketing, advising you on which digital marketing channels would work best for your business and why.

expert Speaker:

Lucy regularly presents at corporate conferences globally. Her expert knowledge on LinkedIn marketing, social selling & lead generation are invaluable to organisations large and small. She is an entertaining and inspiring speaker who is able to deliver information that is enjoyable and has immense practical application.

Her insights enable employees to understand the true value of an organisations social strategy.

Linkedin marketing webinars:

We host regular LinkedIn Marketing Webinars.  These webinars are designed for small business owners, marketing managers, senior executives, sales and business development professionals. The focus of these webinars is to learn effective techniques to CONNECT, ENGAGE & BUILD BRAND AWARENESS


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